Special Fabric

Each piece of fabric has its own story, and each application has its own meaning. DONGBANG understands what you think


【Liquid ammonia finish】  |   【Easy Care finish】  |   【Cooldry finish】 | 
【Anti UV finish】  |   【 Anti--bacteria Finish】    |   【 Wool like finish】  |  【Super Soft finish】  |  【Carbon Peach finish】

The company has a wide range of sample yarn warehouses, nearly 30000 kinds of color yarn and corresponding stock yarn, to ensure that customers need color yarn when setting out and proofing, so as to shorten the time of setting out and proofing, and make color yarn samples, so that employees can quickly, accurately and conveniently find the color samples when they operate.
Hand woven small prototype, quickly and accurately provide hand woven sample services, to ensure that the hand woven samples required by customers are ready to hand over within 3 days.
The most important driving force of innovation is the market and customers. DONGBANG has a professional color weaving technology room, using CAD software system, to ensure the development of new products to meet the needs of the market and customers. And has a special new product development and sample placing system to ensure that customers get the samples in 7-15 days.

Our products are exported to Europe, America, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, India, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. We have established good cooperation with hundreds of customers at home and abroad.

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